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We are a team of passionate independent artists who understand well the struggles of the independent artist journey. We help artists get organised and launch successful tracks that get their music heard and grow their music businesses. 

what is drop rocket?

our mission

Our mission is to empower independent artists by helping them take charge of their music businesses. We aim to equip them with education, resources, and community in order to build sustainable creative businesses. Our goal is to encourage artists to change their mindsets from ‘starving artist’ to ‘creative entrepreneur’.

Drop Rocket helps you release music better with powerful project management software. Drop Rocket takes the stress and guesswork out of releasing music and instead gives you a clear path to follow for your release, so that every release gets better, more successful, and grows your music business. 

a word from our founder

Hi! I'm Elina. I'm a singer/songwriter as well as digital marketer and creative coach. For the last several years I've been working with artists and labels on music marketing, growth, and release strategies.

Releasing music is a complex project that needs simple solutions. That's why I created this release strategy, to help artists effectively launch new music in a way that builds a fan base, drives results and revenue, and keeps them sane.

If you choose Drop Rocket, you'll be launching music better than major labels. There's never been a better time to release music independently, and Drop Rocket has everything you need!

See you on the inside, and don't hesitate to book a call with me, I'd love to meet you! Connect with me across the web @elinafilice


Elina, Drop Rocket Founder

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