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Big Yellow Jacket on his musical journey so far

We sat down with singer/songwriter/producer Big Yellow Jacket to chat about his musical journey and overcoming the challenges of being an independent artists. BYJ has used Drop Rocket to release a series of successful singles over the past year. The Waterford Ireland based artists experiments with songwriting and production techniques to create a broad sound across his textured compositions.

What has been your most challenging single to create?

I would probably say Confetti. The finished song is the 5th version of the song and I was driven mad by it!

What draws you to the art of music production?

I love sound, how to fits together and how we can manipulate sounds to ornament songs further. It's crazy what we can use and how we can use sounds in songs. Plus it's very fun.

Have there been any defining moments in your music journey so far?

I would say my journey so far has been a slow burn and with each song comes a new perspective on music and song writing and even myself.

What's been your biggest challenge on the marketing / releasing side of things?

I think it's keep consistent with it. Keep the same level of emails going with each release and the same level of enthusiasm for it. I was a little lost on the schedules and such until DropRocket so I have been so grateful for it! Other than that, getting noticed!

How has Drop Rocket helped you as an independent artist?

It's provided me with clarity and a toolset on how to approach song releases.

What's next for BYJ?

To keep learning and evolving. To play more gigs and to push myself out there a bit more.

Check out BYJ on Spotify, and follow his journey on Instagram!


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