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Cascando release blues-infused "Jimmy Boy"

A striking potpourri of The Beatles, The Animals, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Dylan, Limerick based Cascando are at the forefront of the Irish invasion.

Enjoying praise from outlets such as Hotpress and Breaking Tunes for their debut, "Canyon Music", the band are turning heads far and wide with their irresistible, classic-driven sound. Inspired by the lates and greats of early rock 'n' roll, the band are pioneering a new chapter in Ireland's rock history book.

Proud to be releasing their fourth single, "Jimmy Boy", which is the first to form their upcoming EP, "In Absence of Trees", this chugging track ventures to grab your attention with its enchanting harmonies layered over its biting focus; documenting the moments leading up to the trial and sentencing of the song's subject. Recorded live in September, the track features drums from Hugh Cleary-Ward, and flute accompaniment from Dan Walsh (‘Fixity’ & ‘The Bonk’) challenging the traditional instrumentation of the roots rock sound and creating a bluesy whirlwind of Cascando at their bounciest. Released using Drop Rocket, we're so excited to be part of this musical journey!

Cascando are a Limerick-based roots rock collective made up of almost a dozen artists, although primarily coordinated by five core members. Fueled by a love for country and blues, Cascando fuses strong musical influences of the late 1960s with more modern folk and soul tendencies to bring together an eclectic sound which has been described in a non-professional capacity as ‘music that makes you want to square dance and carve wood.’

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