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Mx.iTerra unveils new single, "HUMANISTIC"

Exploring the inner turmoil from one half of the mind to the other, “HUMANISTIC” is an impassioned new track from Mx.iTerra.

A powerful but reassuring single that should go down a treat for alternative and hard rock fans, Mx.iTerra seeks to break the stigma around imposter syndrome and depression in their latest release.

Hailing from the Midwest, the artist draws inspiration from everything between 80s glam rock to the 2010s metalcore scene, which all seep into this gritty, riff-driven and commanding new single. Crunchy guitars meet a singalong chorus to create plenty of headbang-worthy moments.

Passionate about “diving into the honest and ugly truth of emotions”, the artist truly speaks their mind, and speaks for the masses. HUMANISTIC explores the inner battles of those of us with depression and self-doubt. She says, "Remember that you matter and that you are not alone."

Currently working on a music video to support the release, we can't wait to see how Mx.iTerra brings this story to life! Released using Drop Rocket, we're so excited to be a part of the journey of this fantastic track.

This track was Released using Drop Rocket!

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