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“Nicotine Hallelujah”: The new single from Päter

Marking their first collaboration with Juno Award-winning producer Howard Redekopp, the new single goes back to where it all began for the Toronto indie pop-rocker.

Earning bountiful acclaim for debut single, “Dam, Damn” back in 2020, the Iranian-born artist has recently joined forces with the three-time Grammy nominated producer to help take music their their to new heights.

The anthemic track explores youth, anxiety and hope through the artist’s strong storytelling dynamic, and a wonderful self-directed music video. Giving us an insight into the track, they explained: "I wrote this song after smoking my first cigarette at 16 years old and thinking 'this is where the downward spiral begins.' It captures the anxiety I had about growing up with a lot of dreams and no idea how to get there. It's one of the few that's stuck with me this long. Over the years the song has taken on a life of its own."

Painfully relatable and delivered through a fun-spirited looking glass, Päter continues to prove that they speak for the masses through a DIY-driven, indie-pop artform. Released using Drop Rocket, we are so excited to be part of this musical journey!

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