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Nova Dream solidify their dark alternative sound in third single, “Running Out of Time”

Forming only one year ago, the Dublin trio are quickly establishing themselves as a top name to watch for Irish alternative rock fans.

The new single sees the band dive headfirst into themes of introspection, urgency and the search for authenticity in modern society. Reflecting a deep sense of self-awareness, the protagonist flirts with the fleeting nature of time, and the need to connect with their true self.

Recorded between Darklands Studios and the band’s home studio, both in Dublin, the single’s drums were specially engineered by Daniel Doherty, Mixed by Didier Parra and mastered by Pete Maher, who’s work combine to capture the band’s powerful, grunge-tinged sound at its best. About the single, the band explain: 

‘’In some sense, this song it’s the most personal song we’ve written so far. And because of that, we wanted to play a little bit more with the song and take it to a new direction, reflecting the changes of the band itself.’’

Bound with a commanding riff, dynamic control and unflinching lyrics, Nova Dream will have you enticed from the first second, and hungry for more.

Nova Dream began when Josh Bartschi and Gabriel Rizzo, fueled by creative passion and a shared vision, started writing music together before fate soon intervened in the form of drummer Danny Maguire to solidify their lineup. Since then, Nova Dream has been crafting their unique blend of alternative rock with elements of grunge and post-punk, playing unmissable live shows in Ireland, including headline gigs in The Soundhouse, Fibbers Magees, Fred Zeppelins and Sin é.

Nova Dream are:

Joshua Bartschi - bass and vocals

Gabriel Rizzo - guitars and vocals

Danny Maguire - drums.

Nova Dream Socials:

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