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Päter releases dazzling debut LP 4-7 Company

Päter 4-7 Company

Toronto-based artist Päter has released their debut LP 4-7 Company. The project comes as the culmination of a year of killer singles, self-directed music videos, and a whole bunch of live shows. The album is with all certainty going to signify a breakthrough moment for the artist, because it slaps. Though a cohesive sound strings through the track list, each song feels fresh, unexpected, and original. Themes of “self and cycles” are clearly heard, with honest self-reflection at its sonic and thematic core. Päter’s signature alternative pop/rock sound is at times playful, at times melancholy, but at all times full of originality and attitude. Rock-solid songwriting and fresh stylistic imaginings solidify this album as one of our favourite independent releases of the year. We sat down with Päter to learn more about the project, in their own words.

We are loving 4-7 Company. It's intentional and thoughtful with so many memorable tracks, and a massive feat of an album and release. 4-7 Company comes after a big year of releases for you. How does the year of lead-up look upon reflection?

Thank you! I’m just so proud of what we were able to achieve. I’m a solo artist, but I say we because everything I do wouldn’t be possible without the creative community I have around me. 7 singles and 7 videos + an LP over 11 months while being fully independent was hard!! But I really wanted to give this album the rollout it deserved and I’m so glad I did. 

Is there a song on the album that you wrestled with in production to get it just right?

The toughest song on the album to nail down production wise was the title track 4-7 Company. From the beginning I saw that song as an anthem that slow-burns into a big release. But the way that song is written, it’s easy to interpret it as a more laid-back album track. So me and Howard, my co-producer, went down a few different paths to inject it with that energy. We actually had 3 different people write string arrangements for it, and in the end I edited all 3 of them together! 

Päter musician 4-7 Company

What song on the album are you most proud of?

So hard to say and the answer changed often but right now I would say Every Waking Hour. That one just feels fearless to me, I love where we took it, I’m obsessed with how Pouya Hamidi built off my melody idea to create the piano part on it, and it’s one of my favourites to play live. 

About the album, you say “4-7 Company is about the solitary hours between 4-7, as day turns into night, when you’re alone with your thoughts and anything can happen. Where do you go when you’re alone?” I’d love to know where YOU go when you’re alone, and how that transmuted to the creation of the album. 

At the time I was writing this album I found myself always trying to put my best face in public and act like nothing could get me down, and then when I got home all of that sort of crumbled. Then anxiety would come, and that would spiral me into a panic attack, and then I’d come out of it all tearful and depleted. A lot of these songs came as lifelines during those really difficult moments alone.

What do you hope to achieve through this album?

I’m excited to add a new dimension to the Päterverse with this. I’m sharing a more vulnerable side of me than before and I think that’ll really connect with the people  who’ve been listening from the start. There’s always been a dark undertone to my upbeat songs so with this one we get to go all the way inside of that. 

I’m sharing a more vulnerable side of me than before... there’s always been a dark undertone to my upbeat songs so with this one we get to go all the way inside of that. 

Tell us about the visuals behind the album. Is the cover meant to be haunted-house inspired or am I way off?

Totally! It’s like a dark dream-like version of the house where this album is set. I always wanted the whole album to live inside a metaphorical house, tying in with the idea of house as subconscious.. So yes, you’re bang on haha. The cover was made by Wyndym Baije who did all the artwork for the vinyl! They’re wonderful. 

Päter musician 4-7 Company album art

I noticed ‘critters’ as a word or concept comes up a few times throughout different songs. What does that as a theme or symbol mean to you?

Good catch! I really loved using insect imagery on the album because I think there’s a bit of a duality to it. On one hand insects are connected to feeling contaminated and uncomfortable. But on the other hand, they’re such an inextricable (and kind of cute) part of the world. So, for me it’s connected to the dirtier parts of ourselves. Accepting them instead of living in maddening denial. 

In your own words, it’s an album about “cycles & self. I totally hear the cyclical and self-reflective nature of the songs, but I can't really explain why, maybe you can explain it better?

I think apart from a couple, all the songs on the album deal with inner life. There aren’t many other characters that come up. As opposed to, like, "Wherefore Weep I Then" which was fully about relationships to other people, this one is quite insular. So I’m glad that came across as more of a feeling to you! That’s very cool. 

Päter musician

How does your queerness and gender expression inform your music making and art creating? 

Accepting and exploring my queerness has helped me make so much more sense of myself as an artist. I always grappled with the idea of being a “singer” or “popstar”, among the titles that are available to women musicians, and it wasn’t until I started playing with gender that I felt confident in putting my most authentic music out there. It’s not always the same, but it’s always as real as I can be. Gender and genre fluidity have come to make the most sense for me. 

It wasn’t until I started playing with gender that I felt confident in putting my most authentic music out there... gender and genre fluidity have come to make the most sense for me. 

What are the biggest challenges you face as an independent artist?

Brain space! There is just so much to think about and so many balls to keep in the air, especially on the business side. If I have a bad week and fall off, there’s no one to make sure emails get sent or things get uploaded. It’s just me. But I try my best, and have to remember to cut myself slack sometimes :) 

How has Drop Rocket helped you as an independent artist?

When I was at the beginning of this release process and looking out on in like a vast, dark expanse, Drop Rocket really helped me get my thoughts organised! It was so great to have a pre-made checklist of what I’d need for each single release, and to use that as a jumping off point instead of getting too overwhelmed to start. I’m really glad I found it when I did!

Photo Creds: 1. Laura-Lynn Patrick 2. Päter 3. Päter, art by Wyndym Baije 4. Tiffany Tremaine


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