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Released Using Drop Rocket - Summer Roundup

Some amazing independent artist from around the world are using Drop Rocket to ditch the stress of releasing music and take charge of their releases for their best launches yet!

Here's just a few of the amazing tunes that have been released using Drop Rocket in the last few weeks.

Ben Freeman - "Long Distance"

“Long Distance” is a beautiful, heartfelt song from Ben Freeman. He says, “This is a song about feeling close and far from someone at the same time. It’s nostalgia, warmth, ambivalence, and desire in sonic form. I’m deeply proud of it. It’s a real level up for me as an artist.”

Big Yellow Jacket - "Say So"

“Say So” is a groovy new track from Irish artist and producer Big Yellow Jacket. It’s a dancy bop perfect for your summer playlists!

Pio Hartnett - "Hooligans"

Hooligans is an infectious new single from singer/songwriter Pio Hartnett. We had this one on repeat! He says, "‘hooligans’ is a song I first wrote about 4 years ago, before going back to college, to study music. I think I even submitted it as part of my application at the time. It’s a song which has stuck around - probably one of the brightest off the whole EP."

Liz Dix - "I Cant Be The One"

"I Cant Be The One" is the beautiful Debut EP from Liz Dix. It's a collection of personal, meticulously written and produced songs. She says, "This EP stems from a chunk of time packed with love, confusion, heartbreak, and growth. It’s been one hell of a cathartic (and vulnerable) experience to write, record, and put these songs out."

Elina Filice - "Dont Let Me Fall" Music Video

An intricate, electric new music video from Drop Rocket founder Elina Filice. She says, “I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Drop Rocket I wouldn’t have even attempted this release.I have so little time these days, Drop Rocket was absolutely crucial for keeping me organized and on track with the little time I had to dedicate to this release.I have always used my own release strategy to launch my music. I built Drop Rocket to share this really invaluable tool with other artists like me, who want to launch big projects with limited resources, and without the overwhelm and stress.”

Check out our playlist "Released Using Drop Rocket" on Spotify!

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