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“Something // Way”: The new alt-pop anthem from Päter

With two Summer single releases accompanying self-directed music videos, Päter continues full steam ahead with fierce new release, “Something // Way”

Packed with personality, the track sees the Toronto-based artist explore their alternative side, pulling in influences from contemporary powerhouses The Strokes and The Killers. The singer explains, “With this song I wanted to lean as far into that world as I could while keeping it a bit tongue in cheek. ‘Something // Way’ is a song about stop/starting, feeling stuck, and getting in your own way. I wrote it when I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt around putting music out into the world. It sort of celebrates the rage that comes from attempting to do anything at all but ultimately pushes on without succumbing to it.”

Teaming up once again with producer Howard Redekopp, the three-time Grammy nominee “brings precision to Päter’s bright, irreverent songwriting”, with the pair set to collaborate on more releases this year. Here at Drop Rocket, we are always excited to see the latest daring work from our members, and this track will have you singing from the rooftops in no time!

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