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The New Leaves reveal glorious folk single, "Donaghaguy Reservoir"

A mesmerising folk band from County Down, The New Leaves are an exciting act bringing new life to the genre.

The New Leaves, like so many contemporary music projects, emerged from the post pandemic wilderness. Consisting of four childhood friends from County Down in Northern Ireland, the band blend lush, three-part harmonies, nature inspired lyrics and modern folk aesthetics to brand them as a new, unique force folk. The four members came together to breathe life into an expanding songbook written by lead vocalist Decky McKay, who attempts to capture the natural beauty, history, and mythology of homelife beneath the Mourne Mountains and the beautiful townlands that surround Carlingford Lough.

Their first release under newly launched folk and acoustic label, Corn Crake Records, the single is the first from their highly anticipated debut album, "A Sketch of Home", which lands on June 7th. Produced by Steve Fearnley at Narrow Water Studios and mastered by Peter Maher, the song is a heavenly lead single and a very warm welcome to the band if you haven't yet crossed paths with them. The location that inspired the track, Donaghaguy Reservoir, sits on the outskirts of Warrenpoint, which is the band’s hometown, and is dubbed an area of unpretentious beauty, which fits perfectly with the band's humble acoustic sound.

The song, penned by McKay, attempts to capture a moment of peace at the reservoir, which is often referred to locally as the "duck pond", and the sights and sounds that make it such a special place for seekers of sanctuary and quiet reflection in nature. 

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