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Wise up reveal cool-as-ice single, “Out To Dance"

The brightest sparks in Ireland's eclectic indie-grunge scene:

Between ripples of alterative rock and floods of grunge goodness, Wise Up are Ireland's newest cool-as-ice indie rockers.

Radiating a DIY ethos true to the spirit of the 90s band scene, the Dublin-based band are a self-proclaimed "small band with a cool vibe". Releasing their stand-out debut EP, "Soothe the Soul" last year, they are delighted to return with their first single of 2024. Combining reverb-soaked vocals, twinkling synths and a pummeling bassline, "Out To Dance" will have you positively intoxicated by the haze that is Wise Up - except you won't forget their name the next morning...

Featuring a blend of dream-pop, alternative indie and grunge rock undertones, vocalist and guitarist Garry Lynch explains: "The song tells the story of a girl seeking and enjoying a night out. Escaping to the city, the narrative of the track attempts to describe the feeling of losing oneself to the rhythms of the dance floor, and forgetting about the hassle of day to day life. This song is about empowerment, self-discovery and celebrating individual expression".

About The Band:

Composed of members from Canada, Ireland and Venezuela, Wise Up's story reads like an indie rock fairy tale. Formed in 2022, they played their first gig at members Courtney Doucette (bass and vocals) and Garry Lynch's (vocals and guitar) wedding, and have been blending a North American rock sound with an Irish flair ever since. Catching the sharpened ears of top publications such as It’s All Indie, Indie Dock, Get In Her Ears, The Goo and RTÉ Entertainment, it's been a high-quality, humble journey to prominence so far.

Completed by Juan Livinalli (drums) and recent-addition Andrew Kelly (guitar), the band are delighted to enter a new era as a four-piece and kick off another busy year of writing and recording.

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