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Drop Rocket Celebrates Pride!

Drop Rocket is proud to be queer & female founded. We've always regarded music as a powerful tool for the queer community. Music is a means of self-expression, storytelling, and connection, which are particularly important for marginalized voices and experiences.

Drop Rocket exists to give independent artists the tools to grow their artist businesses and get their music heard. We remain committed to helping artists everywhere, especially those who, when putting their art into the world, make it a better and more understanding place.

“I used to be afraid to use female pronouns in my music. But at some point, I felt like I had a responsibility, to myself and my community, to tell these stories honestly. Music has helped me find pride in myself. Music is a powerful tool for the queer community as it’s a space for authentic queer storytelling of the experiences and struggles that are unique to us. Queer music creates a space for visibility, resilience, and solidarity, but also to share stories of love, loss, and heartbreak. There’s shame and fear associated with queerness, which is why Pride is so important. Music and Pride are intertwined as they’re both a celebration of who we are, as well as a demand for equal rights and representation." -Drop Rocket Founder Elina Filice

Remember to support queer & independent artists not just in pride month, but year round!

We created the ultimate pride playlist of queer & independent artists. Because queer music matters. Check it out on Spotify!


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