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How to Grow your music business in 2024

We are so excited to announce our first ever online training session!

Want to learn how to grow your music business in 2024? Want to release music without the stress & overwhelm? We got you!

Here at Drop Rocket, we're passionate about empowering artists & managers with the tools and resources to grow sustainable artist businesses.

The start of the year is a great time to do some strategic planning. You'll learn how to do this and create direction for your artist project. Your releases are so crucial to your growth and an artist. We want to help you developing your release strategies, release music better!. This free training session will outline everything you need to make this the biggest year yet for your music business! Our founder, Elina, a singer-songwriter and digital marketer, will be discussing:

  • How to actually grow an artist business

  • How to use strategic planning to reach your goals

  • How to release music in a way that keeps you sane and grows your artist business

  • How to create systems to support your goals

  • Managing a successful release

  • & more

Elina will also be answering your questions during the Q&A session, so let us know your music marketing questions and how we can help you strategize your releases for the better!

February 7, 2024 | 3pm UTC | FREE- ONLINE - ALL WELCOME

Register here:

Everyone that registers will also receive a free recording, so you won't miss out if you can't attend!

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