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5 Reasons You Should Try Drop Rocket for your Next Music Release

Releasing music is hard! That's why we created Drop Rocket. Drop Rocket is an all-in-one release system that helps systemise and streamline your releases. Here's 5 reasons you should try it out for your next music release!

1. Save Time

Drop Rocket will save you hours of your time. Our industry-standard release template comes with dozens of pre-loaded tasks to give you a really clear roadmap for your release. Dont waste time trying to remember what you did last time, running in circles, or with analysis paralysis. All you have to do is to load up our release template and then work your way through the tasks. As independent artists, time is one of our biggest resource restraints. We simply dont have time to waste! Drop Rocket ensures that the limited time you have to dedicate to marketing your music is spent executing and not deliberating. Having a proven music release system like Drop Rocket streamlines your releases, giving you more time for the creative stuff.

2. Save Stress

Releasing music is hard. A blessing of releasing music in the modern era is that there's much fewer gatekeepers. However, what this means for independent artists is having to do everything ourselves. It's all on us, we we wear all of the hats. From content to distribution to PR and everything in between, there's endless moving parts and priorities to manage during a release. This is potentially a very stressful and overwhelming project.

That's why we created Drop Rocket! We believe that complex projects need simple solutions. We want to empower independent artists by taking the stress and overwhelm out of their releases, instead giving them a clear process to follow every time, making music marketing fun and engaging rather than stressful and confusing. Our release template lets you manage all parts of your release in one place, with different task lists for content, PR, distribution, etc. The calendar tab lets you see all of your tasks for the day to stay on top of everything. We know most artists are managing multiple releases at once (think single, music video, EP, etc.) and Drop Rocket allows you to manage them all simultaneously.

3. Plan Your Content

Your social media content is still the best way to reach people about your new music. But planning and executing a content strategy takes time and care. Drop Rocket comes with a built in content planner to incorporate this into your release strategy. Our release template comes pre-loaded with dozens content ideas for both pre-release and post-release. Dont waste time and energy trying to think up content ideas, all you have to do is customise the pre-loaded ideas to make them work for your release, in whatever medium & for whatever platform you're posting on (video, animation, graphic, still image, etc.). Plus in the calendar view, you can further manage your content strategy by seeing tasks visually, and drag and dropping them around too.

4. Collaborate with your team.

Drop Rocket is designed to keep your whole team on the same page. No more miscommunication or fights in the group chat. Whether you have band mates, a manager, outsourced PR, a release coach, or any other part of your team, they can all log into Drop Rocket and see see exactly where you're at with not just this release, but every project you're working on. You can assign tasks to teammates and put links and photos within tasks. With all the moving parts of a release, it's inevitable that things fall through the cracks. Drop Rocket ensures that everything gets done seamlessly, with even small tasks accounted for.

5. Totally customisable

The Drop Rocket template is 100% customisable, so you can really make it your own and tailor it to every release. The template gives you a roadmap, but you decide how to drive the car! You can track your progress on tasks, add or delete anything, add new lists, duplicate existing lists, add subtasks, drag and drop tasks into order you like, and much more. Every release is different, and Drop Rocket is designed to be personalised and re-worked for every release.

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