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How to level up your social media marketing for your next release

A strong social media marketing campaign is essential to support your killer new release! We asked Brendan from iSpytunes about their four-step process to maximize your impact.

1. Knowing your target audience: Get familiar with your demographic and target listeners. This will allow you to tailor your campaign to resonate with your fans, and amplify your reach! Knowing your audience will help you find the right people and build a sustainable fanbase, so being able to connect with your fans on a personal level through social media is key.

2. Good graphic design: Your visual identity is paramount in capturing your audience's attention. From artwork, to promo banners, to your social media theme, you can blend your artistic creativity with strategic design principles. Good graphic design is amazing for if you have a specific aesthetic, and want to be a memorable face on someone's feed! Graphic design ties into your overall personal branding, and this is what gives you a distinct identity in the music industry.

3. Strategize your campaign: Whether it’s teaser posts, exclusive behind-the-scenes content or announcement posts for the release itself, a busy campaign is a good campaign. Plan out your social media schedule and get creative with your content! A strong strategy will help you build excitement and anticipation around your new release, so take time to plan everything in advance, but don’t forget to give updates in real-time too!

4. Don’t forget about your analytics: The success of your future releases lies in continuous improvement. Take advantage of your social media’s analytics page to find out what content your fans love most and how you can use this to grow your engagement. Be sure to check your most popular formats (videos, photos, text based posts, etc.), optimal times for posting, and link clicks. This will all help you understand what you can do even better for your next release!

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, why not work with an expert? Our friends at iSpytunes offer tailor-made social media marketing packages to help you reach your goals. Offering effective social media marketing strategies and access to authentic Spotify playlists, they are also soon to develop their sync licensing and influencer marketing packages. Best of all, it’s free to submit your music for their consideration.

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Here's what people say!

"Working with iSpyTunes has been effective and easy. They're great people and want to make sure you get as much exposure as possible! They even got me hooked up with other artists to work with!" - @shaggynoscoob (400k+ streams)

"iSpyTunes has been the best, period. First, their growing playlists helped to gain me new listeners. Then, I expanded our relationship as they setup Facebook ads which got insane results on ROI. Would recommend for sure." - @toozmusic (6.8m+ streams)


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